Episode 25: Blade Runner

In Episode 25, we’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe. A guest synth expert to tell us all about the great Yamaha CS-80’s attack and delay, and the shoulders of its Orion filter envelopes. We’ve watched Vangelis glitter in the dark, near Wagner’s Tannhäuser Overture. All these moments will be recorded in time, on podcast recording equipment, and released online, like tears in rain.


Episode notes:

3:20 – A special Art of the Score guest
4:57 – A history of Blade Running
12:21 – The Vangelis sound
16:34 – Sound design versus music
20:37 – The Blade Runner main theme
26:48 – Synth talk with Seja: the Yamaha CS-80
31:52 – Aftertouch
35:32 – Oscillators and ring modulators
40:22 – The pitch ribbon
43:20 – Seja recreates the Blade Runner theme
52:44 – Pronunciation fun with Dan
55:02 – Tears In Rain
56:51 – Blade Runner and the film noir sound, from Double Indemnity to L.A. Noire
1:10:33 – The Blade Runner Blues
1:14:34 – Rachel’s theme
1:19:15 – The Love theme
1:23:49 – The ‘ethnic’ influences on the score – Blush Response
1:26:22 – Tales of the Future
1:31:10 – Damask Rose
1:36:15 – One More Kiss Dear and Blade Runner’s world of jazz
1:40:11 – The End Titles

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