Episode 24: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Part 2

In Episode 24 we end our journey through Harry’s third year at Hogwarts with a deep listen to the unparalleled variety in John Williams’ score for Prisoner of Azkaban. We breakdown bebop, compare Italian waltzes, play with fugues, minimalism, swing, and some of the most dangerous flute music you’ve ever heard. Mischief most definitely managed.


Episode notes:

2:51 – Aunt Marge’s waltz
12:20 – The jazz bus
14:31 – A short ride in a magical machine
17:28 – Bebop patronum
24:48 – A stretchy middle eight
29:51 – A fugue for quidditch
35:07 – Willow whomps
40:10 – A danger to birds and flute players
45:23 – Snowfights and woodwind bites
48:02 – Swing, swing, boggart
54:05 – Carried on the voices
57:50 – Book cranks and classic horror
1:01:28 – Sirius Black to the future
1:10:12 – Watch me if you can
1:14:51 – The John Williams greatest hits album

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