Episode 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark - Part 1

In Art of the Score, we dissect the greats of film music from top to bottom. For our first two episodes, we’re starting with John Williams’ 1981 score for Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of the most iconic collaborations between Williams and Spielberg.

In episode one, we take a look at the themes of Raiders in detail – how they work, why they’re perfect for their characters, and the blueprint that they set up for the film.


Episode Notes:

3:05 – Where Raiders of the Lost Ark sits in film history, why it was made, and how
8:00 – The visual look of Raiders
10:00 – John Williams’ musical style in context
13:52 – An introduction to leitmotif
16:42 – The Raiders March (Indiana’s Theme)
27:40 – Marion’s Theme (and what is Raiders about, anyway?)
37:10 – John Williams and the major sixth in romantic contexts
45:20 – The Ark Theme
50:30 – Comparison with the Grail Theme from The Last Crusade
55:30 – The Nazi theme and comparison with Imperial Music from Star Wars
59:35 – Comparison with the Nazi theme from The Last Crusade

Join us for Episode Two as we go even deeper into the score, uncovering the hidden moments and orchestrational genius that makes Raiders a film score for the ages.

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